Tuesday, May 30, 2017



Helpers for energy acquisition from plants

Credit: © Photo: Barbara Frommann / University of Bonn Research into plant cells is far from complete. Scientists under the biochemist Professor Peter Dörmann at Universität Bonn have now succeeded in..

Device rapidly measures growth of single cells simultaneously

A new technique invented at MIT can precisely measure the growth of many individual cells simultaneously. “The device provides new insights into how cells grow and respond to drugs,” MIT professor Sco..

Edible dormice: High food availability slows down cell aging

Credit: Vetmeduni Vienna Hibernation has long been considered the secret behind the relatively long lifespan of the edible dormouse. However, a team of researchers from Vetmeduni Vienna has now shown ..

Bringing artificial enzymes closer to nature

Scientists at the University of Basel, ETH Zurich, and NCCR Molecular Systems Engineering have developed an artificial metalloenzyme that catalyses a reaction inside of cells without equivalent in nat..

3-D graphene has promise for bio applications

Credit: Ajayan Group/Rice University HOUSTON – (Sept. 2, 2016) – Flakes of graphene welded together into solid materials may be suitable for bone implants, according to a study led by Rice University ..

Hacking microbes

Biology is the world’s greatest manufacturing platform, according to MIT spinout Ginkgo Bioworks. The synthetic-biology startup is re-engineering yeast to act as tiny organic “factories” that produce..

A mutual breakdown

Nature abounds with examples of mutualistic relationships. Think of bees pollinating flowers whose nectar nourishes the bees, or clownfish that fight off predators of anemones that in turn provide hab..

Gene therapy via ultrasound could offer new therapeutic tool

Pictured is a fluorescently labeled endothelial cell monolayer, pseudocolorized in blue/green, and imaged using spectral confocal microscopy. One cell has been selectively perforated via ultrasound-in..

Bubble-wrapped sponge creates steam using sunlight

MIT graduate student George Ni holds a bubble-wrapped, sponge-like device that soaks up natural sunlight and heats water to boiling temperatures, generating steam through its pores. Photo: Jeremy ChoH..


A new technique for programming human stem cells to produce different types of tissue on demand may ultimately allow personalized organs to be grown for transplant patients. The technique, which also..

Solar energy from discarded car batteries

MIT researchers have developed a simple procedure for making a promising type of solar cell using lead recovered from discarded lead-acid car batteries — a practice that could benefit both the environ..

Four MIT faculty named 2015 fellows of the National Academy of Inventors

Four MIT faculty members have been named 2015 Fellows of the National Academy of Inventors (NAI): Angela M. Belcher is the James Mason Crafts Professor Department of Material Science and Engineering ..

April 12 symposium: Take an immersive, intellectual journey across campus

When MIT moved from Boston to Cambridge in 1916, it built a new campus designed to foster collaboration across disparate disciplines. As the Institute celebrates the centennial of that historic move, ..

Camilo Ruiz named 2016 Gates Cambridge Scholar

Camilo Ruiz, an MIT senior majoring in biological engineering, is one of 35 American students to be awarded this year’s competitive Gates Cambridge Scholarship. Ruiz will pursue an MPhil in Advanced C..