Wednesday, March 29, 2017

Clean water-treatment option targets sporadic outbreaks

Credit: David Wendell A University of Cincinnati scientist has engineered an environmentally friendly technology to zap outbreak-causing viruses and bacteria from public drinking water. Environmental..

Minimalist shoes increase leg and foot muscles

In a recent study conducted by The Hong Kong Polytechnic University (PolyU) and the Harvard Medical School, running in minimalist shoes can increase leg and foot muscle volume, indicating its potentia..

Early development reveals axolotl mysteries

In the amphibian world, the axolotl is the replacement-parts king. This is the axolotl, a remarkable model organism capable of complete limb and organ regeneration. Credit: Morgridge Institute for Re..

Washing clothes releases thousands of microplastic particles into environment

More than 700,000 microscopic fibres could be released into waste water during each use of a domestic washing machine, with many of them likely to pass through sewage treatment and into the environmen..

Fat cells that amplify nerve signals in response to cold also affect blood sugar...

In a UT Southwestern Medical Center study, (l-r) Dr. Philipp Scherer, Dr. Yi Zhu, and Dr. Shangang Zhao found interesting anti-diabetic properties in beige fat. White fat tissue can acquire beige cell..

Exercise not shown to reduce women’s risk of developing MS

A large, new study shows no evidence that exercise may reduce a woman’s risk of developing multiple sclerosis (MS). The research is published in the September 28, 2016, online issue of Neurology®, the..

Details of mysterious Utah Zika-related death: Transmission by tears or sweat

The first Zika virus-related death in the continental U.S. occurred in June of this year, but even now, months later, two aspects of this case continue to puzzle health experts. First, why did this pa..

Universal flu vaccine designed by scientists

An international team of scientists have designed a new generation of universal flu vaccines to protect against future global pandemics that could kill millions. The vaccine could give protection fo..

Heavy hitters: Obesity rate soars among professional baseball players

Major League Baseball players have become overwhelmingly overweight and obese during the last quarter century, say health researchers. Credit: WikipediaDavid E. Conroy, Penn State professor of kinesi..

Identifying children and saving lives one thumbprint at a time

Every day 353,000 children are born around the world, a majority of them in developing countries where there is a lack of proper record keeping, resulting in a lack of proper health care. By the age o..

Scientists discover how cells put the brakes on protein production

A new scientific study conducted by a team of leading geneticists has characterized how cells know when to stop translating DNA into proteins, a critical step in maintaining healthy protein levels and..

Parents cite lack of need as reason for not getting kids flu shots

Despite the fact that influenza leads to more hospitalizations and deaths among children than any other vaccine-preventable disease, parents frequently decline vaccinating their children against influ..

Structure of the BinAB toxin revealed

Could we get rid of mosquitoes without polluting the environment? Yes, we can, say researchers. The BinAB toxin, produced in crystal form by a bacterium, specifically kills the larvae of Culex and Ano..

Moderate activity helps older adults maintain mobility, independence

By adopting a walking routine and other moderate physical activities, older adults can recover from a major disability more quickly, and maintain their independence over time, according to a new Yale-..