Tuesday, May 30, 2017

Building “self-aware” robots

Can robots and humans interact the way that human beings interact with each other? Guy Hoffman researches embodied cognition and intelligence in robots. My job is to design, build and study...

This is why your brain needs sleep

The brain uses a quarter of the body's entire energy supply, yet only accounts for about two percent of the body's mass. So how does this unique organ receive and, perhaps...

How our microbes make us who we are

Rob Knight is a pioneer in studying human microbes, the community of tiny single-cell organisms living inside our bodies that have a huge — and largely unexplored — role in our...

Brain-to-brain communication

You may remember neuroscientist Miguel Nicolelis — he built the brain-controlled exoskeleton that allowed a paralyzed man to kick the first ball of the 2014 World Cup. What’s he working on...

New device allows deaf people to ‘hear with their tongue’

Cochlear implants are expensive, invasive and are occasionally unsuitable for elderly patients - so scientists are working on a device which sends small electric shocks to the wearer's tongue and allows...

How Ponies Affect Chemists

Look like your Chem class notes?

Noel Tree Decoration in Lab

Noel Tree Decoration in Lab

Christmass and Microbiology

A set of petri dish Christmas tree ornaments Story Source: The above story is based on materials provided by Etsy, Michele Banks.

Nordic Neuroscience 2015: Trondheim

A scientific meeting for all neuroscientists in the Nordic and Baltic states. From June 10th to June 12th, 2015, the first Nordic Neuroscience meeting will be held in Trondheim, Norway. Nordic...

How to look inside the brain

There have been remarkable advances in understanding the brain, but how do you actually study the neurons inside it? Using gorgeous imagery, neuroscientist and TED Fellow Carl Schoonover shows the tools...

Building a dinosaur from a chicken

Renowned paleontologist Jack Horner has spent his career trying to reconstruct a dinosaur. He's found fossils with extraordinarily well-preserved blood vessels and soft tissues, but never intact DNA. So, in a...

This gel can make you stop bleeding instantly

Forget stitches — there's a better way to close wounds. In this talk, TED Fellow Joe Landolina talks about his invention — a medical gel that can instantly stop traumatic bleeding...

BNA 2015 Festival of Neuroscience (12 -15 April 2015)

Festival of Neuroscience will highlight some of the best research into the brain and nervous system in a conference with speakers and delegates from the UK and abroad. Leading experts will...

A lab the size of a postage stamp

Traditional lab tests for disease diagnosis can be too expensive and cumbersome for the regions most in need. George Whitesides' ingenious answer is a foolproof tool that can be manufactured at...