Friday, April 28, 2017


Mineral resources: Exhaustion is just a myth

Credit: copyright: UNIGE Recent articles have declared that deposits of mineral raw materials (copper, zinc, etc.) will be exhausted within a few decades. An international team, including the Unive..



Mice born from ‘tricked’ eggs

Eggs can be ‘tricked’ into developing into an embryo without fertilisation, but the resulting embryos, called parthenogenotes, die after a few days because key developmental processes requiring input ..

UCLA researchers use stem cells to grow 3-D lung-in-a-dish

Credits: UCLA Broad Stem Cell Research Center 3-D bioengineered lung-like tissue (left) resembles adult human lung (right).By coating tiny gel beads with lung-derived stem cells and then allowing them..

Sixteen MIT grad students named Siebel Scholars for 2017

Sixteen MIT graduate students are among the 2017 cohort of Siebel Foundation Scholars hailing from the world’s top graduate programs in business, bioengineering, computer science, and energy science. ..


Redox biomarker could predict progression of epilepsy

Approximately 2.9 million people in the United States suffer from epilepsy, according to the CDC. For patients living with this diagnosis and their doctors it is often difficult to predict the onset o..

Neural membrane’s structural instability may trigger multiple sclerosis

Multiple sclerosis is one of the most devastating neurodegenerative diseases. It affects some 2.5 million people worldwide. It has no known cure. Credit: Tel Aviv UniversityUntil now, researchers hav..


Study finds knowingly taking placebo pills eases pain

Credit: BIDMC BOSTON – Conventional medical wisdom has long held that placebo effects depend on patients’ belief they are getting pharmacologically active medication. A paper published today in the j..

New method to detect aging cells developed by researchers

Scientists have discovered a new way to look for ageing cells across a wide range of biological materials; the new method will boost understanding of cellular development and ageing as well as the cau..

Heparin derived from cattle is equivalent to heparin from pigs, study finds

MAYWOOD, IL – As demand for the widely used blood thinning drug heparin continues to grow, experts worry of possible shortages of the essential medication. Credit: WikimediaHeparin is primarily deriv..


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