Photographer And Her Daughter With Down Syndrome Collaborate On Beautiful Portraits Of One Another


At first, it was Irish-born photographer and mother Emer Gillespie who was behind the camera. But after Laoisha, her young daughter, starting asking to take the photos, she relinquished control.

Inspired by Laoisha’s interest in the camera, the U.K.-based photographer launched “Picture You, Picture Me” in 2008, when Laoisha was 6 years old. Every few months, Gillespie pulls out the camera and the pair stages scenes of activities they like to do together, such as blowing bubbles or flying kites.


Six years later, the photos they have created together comprise a unique mother-daughter series that features now 11-year-old Laoisha, who has Down syndrome, and Gillespie in parallel scenes, each captured by the other.








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The above story is based on materials provided by Emer Gillespie.

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