Tuesday, May 30, 2017

New rice strain could help farmers predetermine harvest time

Credit: 2017 Takeshi Izawa. A new strain of rice that flowers within a certain period of time after being sprayed with commercial chemicals commonly used to protect rice from fungal diseases is now..

The delights of dirt

Credit: Springer Soil can be beautiful, odiferous, slimy or sublime. It provides simple pleasures, such as its rich earthy scent after warm rain or the feeling of crumbling it between the fingers. T..

Internet of things sensors could connect via ambient radio waves

Internet of things (IoT) systems usually link networks of sensors via radio, but radios demand battery power thus limiting usability. Disney Research has determined that one solution may be to get rid..

Epigenetic clock predicts life expectancy

UCLA geneticist Steve Horvath led a team of 65 scientists in seven countries to record age-related changes to human DNA, calculate biological age and estimate a person’s lifespan. A higher biological ..

Photoluminescent display absorbs, converts light into energy

Credit: Shunsuke Itaya, Masamichi Ohta, Yuuki Hirai, and Takamasa Kohmoto BELLINGHAM, Washington, USA , and CARDIFF, UK -- By replacing the phosphor screen in a laser phosphor display (LPD) with a..

Tunneling holds key to high-speed modulation of transistor and laser development

Credit: University of Illinois In 2004, electrical engineering pioneers Nick Holonyak, Jr. and Milton Feng at the University of Illinois invented the transistor laser--a three-port device that incor..

CCNY physicists demonstrate photonic hypercrystals for control of light-matter interaction

Control of light-matter interaction is central to fundamental phenomena and technologies such as photosynthesis, lasers, LEDs and solar cells. City College of New York researchers have now demonstrate..

EarthScope National Meeting convenes for the last time in Anchorage, Alaska

Geoscientists from all over the country will soon gather in Anchorage, Alaska, for the final EarthScope National Meeting, to be held May 16-18, 2017 at the Dena'ina Convention Center. Come disco..

‘Marine repairmen’ — new research shows limpets are construction workers of the seashore

New research from a beach-roaming biomechanics engineer paints a surprisingly industrious picture of limpets -- the marine snails that are abundantly plastered on rocks at low tide. His work shows tha..

Shape of tumor may affect whether cells can metastasize

CHAMPAIGN, Ill. — Only a few cells in a cancerous tumor are able to break away and spread to other parts of the body, but the curve along the edge of the tumor may play a large role in activating thes..

NJIT’s IBNR: Meeting challenges of understanding and healing

In recent years, research into the myriad complexities of the brain and neurophysiology has gained momentum at NJIT across diverse disciplines, including biology, biomedical engineering, mathematical ..

Breast cancer update: Sentinel node biopsy guidelines encourage ‘less is more’ approach

Credit: Fred Hutch News Service SEATTLE (Dec. 12, 2016) - New recommendations from breast cancer experts on sentinel lymph node biopsy reinforce the most recent "less-is-more" guidelines for early-..

Asian dust providing key nutrients for California’s giant sequoias

Credit: Chelsea Carey RIVERSIDE, Calif. -- Dust from as far away as the Gobi Desert in Asia is providing more nutrients than previously thought for plants, including giant sequoias, in California&#..

MSU lands $1 million USAID grant to fight Zika

Credit: Photo by Jim Peck Michigan State University has landed a highly competitive grant from USAID to fight the Zika virus in Mexico. The $1 million grant was awarded to Zhiyong Xi, MSU associa..