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  • Memory in silent neurons

    Memory in silent neurons


    According to a generally-accepted model of synaptic plasticity, a neuron that communicates with others of the same kind emits an electrical impulse as well as…

  • A new way to diagnose malaria

    A new way to diagnose malaria


    Using magnetic fields, technique can detect parasite’s waste products in infected blood cells. Red blood cells from a patient infected with Plasmodium falciparum. Photo Credit:…

  • HIV

    HIV hides in gut, evading eradication


    Researchers at UC Davis have made some surprising discoveries about the body’s initial responses to HIV infection. Studying simian immunodeficiency virus (SIV), the team found…

  • Modeling How Neurons Work May Inform Robotics

    Modeling How Neurons Work May Inform Robotics


    A highly accurate model of how neurons behave when performing complex movements could aid in the design of robotic limbs which behave more realistically. Multiphoton…

  • tumor weaknesses

    Tumor weaknesses in epigenetics


    Scientists have known for decades that cancer can be caused by genetic mutations, but more recently they have discovered that chemical modifications of a gene…

  • Travelling by resonance

    Travelling by resonance


    How nerve cells within the brain communicate with each other over long distances has puzzled scientists for decades. The way networks of neurons connect and…




  • BIOSTEC 2015

    BIOSTEC 2015

    The purpose of BIOSTEC is to bring together researchers and practitioners, including engineers, biologists, health professionals and informatics/computer scientists, interested in both theoretical advances and…




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