Ethics Policy

Our organization has set the industry standard with respect to corporate ethics, and the – Bioengineering Society Ethics Policy illustrates that commitment. We’ve established our Ethics Policy as a means of demonstrating our commitment to foster an environment of transparency, trust, and honesty in all we do.

The Bioengineering Society is dedicated to performing all of the society’s operations and affairs with the greatest ethical standards. No one can get away with ignoring this policy. We all have a responsibility to adhere to it and to get everyone else to do the same.

In addition to serving consumers, we as volunteers and employees are excited to work with all of our customers. There is no “right way” to do the “wrong thing” because we must be dedicated to achieving our purpose with honesty, justice, and respect for the person.

Our policy on ethics assists us in having a consistent approach to business behavior. This highlights the expectations has for volunteers and staff in regards to ethical behavior. As a part of our overall commitment to comply with the law and maintain corporate integrity, we thus restate our long-standing position that we will not just follow the law, but we will conduct our company with honesty and without deceit.’s reputation for honesty and integrity is more essential today than at any other time in history. Also remember our obligation to think about and ask ourselves, “Is what I’m doing the ‘right thing’ and for the ‘right reason’?”

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